Tip of the Week from the LPM Department—Updating Internet Explorer, Why It’s Worth It

by Alexa Drago on August 18, 2014

There are many reasons to keep all browsers up to date on all of your computers. This week we are focusing on the benefits of updating Internet Explorer to the most current version—Internet Explorer 11—popularly referred to as IE 11.

  • Security: With each new version of Internet Explorer Microsoft boasts enhanced security; IE 11 is simply more secure than IE 10 and IE 9.
  • Safety of Personal Information: IE 11 has new and improved safety options to guard your personal data. Check them out here.
  • Compatibility and Speed: IE 11 is much more compatible with the latest website standards than its predecessors. The often overlooked component of browser performance, speed, has also been vastly improved in IE 11.

You can verify the version of Internet Explorer you are currently running by:

  • Opening Internet Explorer
  • Clicking Tools (the gear icon in the upper right hand corner)
  • Clicking “About Internet Explorer” in the menu
  • A box with version information will pop up

If you find that you are already using IE 11 and don’t remember installing it, it was probably installed as part of your Windows automatic updates.

If you are a Windows 7 user and find that you aren’t on Microsoft IE’s latest and greatest you can download and install by following the instructions from Microsoft here.

Interested in reading more about the benefits of IE 11? Check out this article from PCmag.com: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7.

Contact Reba Nance at reban@cobar.org if you have questions.


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