Office? Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need an Office!

February 10, 2017

By Guest Blogger, Doug McQuiston You’ve read about the “paperless” office. You may even be working in one right now. You are already using a wide range of tech tools to do more for more clients in less time. We all know it is no longer optional that lawyers learn all they can to become […]

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Keeping Your Office Neat and Uncluttered – Should You Hire a Professional Organizer?

February 8, 2017

Would you describe your office as cluttered or disorganized? Does it look like a jumbled mess? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, your office might need a serious overhaul. You may have a pretty good idea about where most of all of the important pieces of paper are located in your messy […]

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January’s Best of the Blogs

February 1, 2017

We know you are busy! So we read through numerous blog posts and find the best ones to share with you each month. Please let us know if you feel we are missing a particularly good one. Quick Tips Tips for Using Echo in the Law Office from Technologist Automatically Number Discovery Requests from Legal […]

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February Solo Small Firm Networking Events

January 30, 2017

Solo Small Firm Section networking meetings are a great opportunity to connect with your peers, as well as a practice management and technology discussion forum. The meetings are open to all CBA members, not just Solo Small Firm Section members, the sponsoring entity. Colorado Springs routinely offers CLE credits, although sometimes there is no formal agenda, […]

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There and Back Again: Relaunching Your Legal Career

January 26, 2017

I re-entered the practice of law after an extended “sabbatical” in public education. I left the legal world 15 years ago and taught high school for 12 years. I started practicing again two years ago. In June 2015, I re-opened my firm. Once in a while, because of technology, I feel as if I’ve traveled […]

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Is it Too Late for New Year’s Resolutions?

January 23, 2017

January 1st has come and gone. Does that mean it’s too late to make New Year’s resolutions? Many people wait until January 1st to make commitments, promises, and pledges on what they will do better or on how they will achieve greater success in the upcoming year. However, there is absolutely no rule that says […]

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Establishing a Strategic Plan for Your Balanced Legal Career — Workshop, Feb. 15

January 17, 2017

In this interactive workshop, private practice lawyers will envision and begin formulating a strategic plan to achieve a balanced legal career. Recognizing that everyone has a different definition of what a balanced legal career is, Kirby Gamblin Joseph, Managing Partner, Joseph Law Firm and President of Strategy4Success, will guide participants through a structured process that […]

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Legal Marketing Etiquette in the 21st Century

January 13, 2017

By Guest Blogger, Meranda M. Vieyra Good etiquette doesn’t cost a thing. Bad etiquette can cost you everything. In the legal industry, we have our own ways, customs, standards and norms when it comes to marketing etiquette. Lawyers can use etiquette as a tool to cultivate relationships with potential client sources, establish their professional reputation […]

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Survey — OARC/Malpractice Carrier

January 11, 2017

You may have noticed that the Office of Attorney Registration will this year require lawyers to provide the names of their malpractice insurance carriers when they register.  At first, the intent was to include the name of each attorney’s malpractice insurance carrier in his/her online profile. Several on the Solo and Small Firm Section Executive […]

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Building Our Dreams: The Finances of Law Firm Startups

January 5, 2017

By Drew Hefflefinger Who is tired of making someone else’s dream come true? The sacrifice, the hours, the faceless P&L reports. Learning how passionate and dedicated attorneys are, it is no wonder that many seek entrepreneurship as a means of providing a greater, more focused service to their clients. According to the American Bar Association’s […]

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